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"The best way to make sure you're removing a weed and not a valuable plant? If it comes out of the ground easily it's a valuable plant."



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This Month in the Garden (August 2009)

Butterflies are frequent visitors to Port Washington gardens from the Mourning Cloaks that emerge from winter hibernation in March to the Monarchs that gather to migrate south in late August and September.  They’re drawn to flowers like those of buddleia which provide them with nectar, their only food.

Gardeners will see more butterflies, however, if they limit their use of pesticides and grow plants to feed the insects’ caterpillars.  Many of these plants are common to ornamental and herb gardens and are robust enough to tolerate the hungry caterpillars.  If gardeners provide the plants necessary to complete the insects’ life cycle and learn to tolerate a few damaged plants, their gardens can be filled with what many call “flying jewels.”

These butterflies are frequent visitors to Port Washington gardens.  They’re paired with some of the plants they depend on to feed their offspring.

Monarchs feed on members of the milkweed (Asclepsia) family (Asclepias tuberosa or butterfly weed is the most common form found in gardens)
Black Swallowtails feed on Queen Anne’s lace, parsley, dill, and carrot foliage
Tiger Swallowtails feed on the leaves of lilac, ash, birch, and chokecherry trees

these Monarch mimics feed on the leaves of willows, poplar and stone fruit trees

Mourningcloaks these butterflies which overwinter in Wisconsin feed on willow, poplar, and birch leaves
Red Admirals feed on nettles and false nettles
Fritillaries feed on violets
Painted Ladies feed on thistles, mallows, and hollyhocks

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