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This month in the garden...


"The best way to make sure you're removing a weed and not a valuable plant? If it comes out of the ground easily it's a valuable plant."



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This Month in the Garden (August 2010)...

Moving water in any form brings a new dimension to a garden.  A bubbling fountain like this one brings the sound of water to patios, decks, and gardens without the work involved in maintaining a pond.  But any fountain or pond will also add color and sound to your yard.

Bubbling pots like this one are easy to create.  Start by selecting an attractive pot or container and make a hole in the bottom to allow passage of wires.  If the container is large enough the interior may be used as the pump reservoir.  Close the opening in the bottom of your container with foam spray insulation (rated safe for use in ponds) in areas with cold winters so the pump can be removed for storage.

For smaller containers or for displays where water cascades over the sides of the pot, use a five gallon bucket as the reservoir to house the pump.  Sink the bucket in the ground and line the area under the container with a piece of pond liner to channel the overflowing water back into the bucket.  The container can be suspended over the bucket on a grid of concrete reinforcing wire covered with screening.  A dressing of pebbles will hide both the liner and the support system. 

The larger the reservoir the easier it is to be sure the fountain has enough water in it to operate properly on hot, windy days when evaporation and over spray can quickly reduce water levels.  Use commercial mosquito “dunks” to prevent the insects from breeding in the water when the fountain is off.  These are available in most garden centers and hardware stores.

If a water feature is desired in an area of the yard far from outlets, solar powered pumps are available.  These employ a remote photovoltaic panel to power the pump during daylight hours.  However a fountain is powered be sure to secure power cords and extension cords so they don’t become safety hazards for pets and visitors.

Birdbaths, fountains and ornamental ponds attract beneficial insects.  These wasps, bees and other small pollinators will increase the yield in backyard vegetable gardens and reduce the population of insect pests. They need water not only for drinks but to cool their nests. The butterflies and birds are also drawn to water and will add color and song to summer gardens.


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