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"The best way to make sure you're removing a weed and not a valuable plant? If it comes out of the ground easily it's a valuable plant."



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Books at the Niederkorn Library
A member of the Eastern Shores Library System

Each year, the Port Washington Garden Club donates a selection of books and magazines to the W. J. Niederkorn Library.  To date, the club has donated over 100 books, magazines and DVDs.  Below is a listing of some of these books.

Note: Titles in Bold Underlined Blue are links that will take you to the EasiCat system, where local residents can reserve a copy of the book!

Available Now:

All the Garden Club's book donations for Spring 2011 can be found at THIS LINK.  This is the Eastern Shores Library System "EasiCat" online catalog, which will allow you to reserve any of these books!

Big Gardens in Small Spaces
Cox, Martyn

The author tells “how to make the most of every surface, gap and pot for a small urban garden brimming with life” by growing edibles, going vertical, training shrubs and trees to fit in a small environment, planting for year-round interest, and the use of “layering” the plantings. Martyn has more than 250 plants in a tiny London garden. 218 pgs.


Bountiful Containers
McGee, Rose Marie Nichols and Stuckey, Maggie

Container gardening basics: starts out with how to create a container, including soils, trellises, tools, storage, and moves on to choosing appropriate plants to maximize your garden: flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables

Gardening on a Shoestring
Proctor, Rob

Thousands of tips on creating a great outdoor space even if you’re limited in cash. Rob talks about using bulbs, seeds and everyday plants to create a gorgeous display. A chapter on penny-pinching discusses sales, investing in a few core plants, recycling and repurposing. There’s no excuse for having a drab garden if you read this book. 168 pgs.


Pocket Guide to Hostas
Grenfell, Diana and Shadrack, Michael

We all know hostas are the ultimate shade plant. This guide features 280 of the best new and classic hostas. The descriptions offer details to help in plant identification and selection, notes on cultivation and comparisons to similar or related hostas. Gorgeous photography aids the reader in identifying the best hostas you’ll ever put in your shady borders. 211 pgs.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting
McLaughlin, Chris

“Get the dirt on” the what, when, where, how and whys of composting. This book includes a chapter on vermicomposting or using worms to create compost as well as traditional composting methods. 193 pgs.


Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits and Vegetables
Bubel, Mike and Nancy

 Using the earth’s cool stable temperature in a simple, no-cost way to store fruits and vegetables and keep them fresh all year long. The authors describe individual requirements for home garden crops choosing fruit and vegetable varieties that store well, use of root cellars in various environments, and building root cellars. 298 pgs.


Rose’s Garden
Reynolds, Peter

Kindergarten-Grade 3

This inspiring fable will capture the hearts and imaginations of readers and show them that anything is possible. Young Rose sails around the world in her incredible teapot and collects seeds from her many journeys. She reaches Boston Harbor and discovers a forgotten part of the city that needs attention, care, and beauty. Despite obstacles, including uncooperative weather, her unyielding faith, determination, and perseverance continue to fuel her vision that neighborhoods will connect and become thriving communities. Spring arrives, but nothing has peeked through the earth—yet. Children come with beautiful paper flowers to fill Rose's garden with color. Finally, she notices a real flower blooming, followed by many more, and she knows that she has succeeded in her quest. Reynolds's outstanding illustrations done in watercolor and ink begin in shades of gray and then explode with color and joy as the garden evolves and people come to enjoy it. This book is a tribute to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy and her family's endeavors in the creation of the Greenway Conservancy and Park in Boston (School Library Journal)

Yucky Worms
French, Vivian

Pre-school-Grade 2

A young boy accompanies his grandmother to her backyard garden where, while planting, she digs up a worm. When the boy tells her to "throw it away," the woman enlightens him about why worms are beneficial. She explains how to tell the head from the tail; how the worms move through the soil, helping to aerate it; how their "poop" or "cast" helps fertilize plants; what they eat; and what likes to eat them. She debunks myths about the creepy crawlies and instills in her grandson a better understanding and respect for the creatures and their importance for growing plants. In the clear and appealing pencil and gouache illustrations, the aboveground pictures show a lush vegetable and flower garden with myriad insects and birds, while belowground looks like corrugated cardboard filled with worms and their tunnels. Even the worms impart information in humorous and informative speech bubbles throughout the tale. (From School Library Journal)


Insect Detective
Voake, Steve

Kindergarten-Grade 3

"Listen—over by the fence./Can you hear a scratching sound?/A wasp is scraping away at/the post with her strong jaws./She's collecting wood." Thus begins this charming collaboration that gently encourages young readers to explore their natural surroundings and observe some of the more commonly found insects in it. In spare prose, brief facts about a variety of creatures, such as leaf-miner caterpillars, ground beetles, ants, earwigs, and dragonflies, are shared, as are hints on where and how to find them. Large print tells the main story with small print providing further details or interesting facts, giving an opportunity for deeper exploration. Simple but elegant pen and watercolor illustrations show the creatures in their habitats, going about their daily business. Shared aloud or read alone, this child-friendly title is a wonderful introduction to the insect world. Pair it with a wide variety of informational books to garner children's interest and excitement. (School Library Journal)


Linnea in Monet's Garden
Christina Bjork and illustrations by Lena Anderson

Suitable for children aged 9 – 12.

Linnea is a young girl living in Sweden who loves flowers and is lucky enough to have a retired gardener as her upstairs neighbor. Knowing how much Linnea loves flowers, he tells her that Monet’s garden in Paris is now a museum. The two travel there and the book is a marvelous blending of Monet’s paintings, Anderson ’s drawings and photographs of Monet’s gardens. We get a flavor of Paris , the biography of Monet, and an understanding of Impressionist art.

What About Ladybugs?
by Celia Godkin

Suitable for children aged 5 – 10.

In detailed, full-color illustrations, this simple story tells how a gardener upsets the natural balance in his garden by using poison and learns the value of another method of controlling pests. Children will be happy to find out how everybody’s favorite insect, the ladybug, saves the garden.

Young Gardener
by Stefan and Beverley Buczacki

Suitable for children aged 6 – 10.

In illustrations and photographs this husband and wife team show children that there is always something fun to do in the garden. Starting in early spring and continuing right through to late winter they explain what is happening to the plants, how to take care of them and how to do simple projects in the garden and / or with the plants.

Garden Guides’ Garden Trees

315 pages of deciduous and coniferous trees in beautiful color with planting and care information  Categorized in A to Z format by botanical name. Edited by Richard Rosenfeld

Garden Guides’ Garden Roses

A listing of roses with planting zones, height and width. Categorized in A to Z format by the common name of each.

The Plant Propagator’s Bible
by Miranda Smith

A step by step guide accompanied by easy to understand illustration for propagating every plant in the garden. Tools and techniques, color photos of plants, a plant directory with genus, common, and family names, and icons showing appropriate propagation techniques 180 pgs.

Landscaping with Native Plants of Wisconsin
By Lynn M. Steiner

Detailed information and color photos of native grasses, plants, groundcovers, ferns, shrubs, trees. Information about amending Wisconsin soils, rainwater gardens, rock gardens

Pruning Made Easy
Storey’s Gardening Skills

Black and White drawings illustrating techniques, methods, tools, and covering such topics as reasons to prune and how to prune evergreens, shrubs, trees, fruit and nut trees, vines, ground covers, as well as bonsai techniques and artistic pruning. 217 pgs.

Eyewitness Books: Plant

From what a plant is to creepers and climbers, parasitic plants and plant pollination, this book uses beautiful color pictures and diagrams to show the reader the fascinating world of how plants live and grow. 72 pages

Growing Bonsai
by Ken Norman

A practical guide to growing and displaying this ancient tradition of “living art”. Written by one of the world’s foremost bonsai specialists, the book contains 800 photographs showing excellent specimens and step by step sequences to get your plant to the size, proportion and look you want.

Easy Garden Projects to Make, Build and Grow
Barbara Pleasant (ed) and Yankee  Magazine editors

Two hundred do-it-yourself ideas to help you grow your best garden ever. Raised beds, plant supports, watering ideas, worm farms, solving pest problems, and attracting wildlife to your garden are illustrated with clear, easy-to-follow directions.

The Complete Book for Backyard Bird Lovers
by Sally Roth

Let The Complete Book for Backyard Bird Lovers be your guide to the foods and feeders, plants and projects that will guarantee you a yard absolutely brimming with birds! You'll learn about the birds themselves and what their behaviors mean. You'll find tricks for keeping birdfeeding affordable, and you'll find out how to make your yard a safe haven for the birds that live in your area as well as for those passing through.

The Gardening Book
by McHoy

Published in 2003 by Hermes House 256 pages from the jacket "A practical guide to creating a beautiful garden, from design and planting to what to do in each season. Step-bystep photographic sequences show how to construct ponds, walls, paths, patios, rock gardens and other garden features, as well as easy techniques to follow for taking cuttings, sowing seeds, planting, weeding, tending, harvesting, and dealing with pests and diseases - for flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Gardening with Children
by Beth Richardson

Published in 1998 by The Taunton Press, Inc. 153 pages from the jacket "Gardening with Children is the only book written for parents about involving children in the family garden. In it, Beth Richardson offers time-tested techniques for balancing parenting, work, and gardening. You'll learn how to make each stage of gardening - from planting to harvesting- a fun, hands-on activity, allowing children to add their energy and enthusiasm to a project that benefits the whole family. Includes a variety of family garden projects: a pizza garden, heritage garden, making a scarecrow, personalizing pumpkins, and more."

Grasses and Bamboos: a practical guide
by Ian Cooke

Published in 2006 by Ball Publishing 94 pages from the jacket "Fine foliage, architectural outlines, delicate flowers, summer color, and winter interest - ornamental grasses and bamboos provide all this and more. This practical guide shows you how to make the most of these amazing plants in your garden. A step-by-step advice on preparing, planting, routine care and propagation. An illustrated A_Z gallery of grasses and bamboos with detailed suggestions for a wide variety of plating schemes, illustrated with color plans and elevations.

Grow Organic/Cook Organic
by Lavelle and Spevack

Published in 2006 by Anness Publishing 512 pages from the jacket a double book which includes Grow Organic "A gardener's guide to growing food the natural way, with a plant-by-plant directory and hundreds of practical tips. The first part of this book includes clear advice on creating and caring for your garden, with step-by-step guides to soil preparation, weed control, watering and feeding, pruning and propagation. There is also practical information on dealing with pests and diseasein both the garden and the greenhouse. Discover the secret of growing healthy, chemical-free crops of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. In addition, there are expert techniques on sowing, planting, harvesting, and storing.

Cook Organic

"A food-lover's guide to cooking organic produce to get the best of taste and health, with over 150 step-by-step delicious recipes. Natural food from garden to table with over 1700 photographs." "Anyone who loves to prepare food knows that good quality, fresh ingredients are essential. This section contains practical advice o buying, storing, and cooking organic ingredients. Rediscover the pleasure of preparing and eating homegrown fruits and vegetables. Try seasonal recipes like winter farmhouse soup, red onion and mushroom tartlets with goat cheese, and rhubarb and ginger ice cream."

Perennials: The Gardener's Reference
by Carter, Becker, and Lilly

Published in 2007 by Timber Press 542 pages from the jacket "While browsing through these pages, you may find yourself rejoicing out loud. Here at last are the answers to questions that very few garden books address at all, let alone in depth." A alphabetical plant listing with great pictures and description. Especially valuable are the Species and Cultivar charts.

Plant Solutions
by Colborn

Published in 2006 by Timber Press 448 pages from the jacket "Plant Solutions will be an invaluable resource in your quest for the right plant for a particular place or purpose. Whether you have a shady spot, alkaline soil, or a boggy area; you're looking for fall color, cut flowers, or groundcover; or need to consider pollution tolerance or allergies, the extensive plant suggestions in this thorough directory will help you make the fight choices." Book arranged by types of plants and then by light conditions. Of special interest are the Companion Plants notation found with every plant listing.

Spiritual Gardening:
Creating a sacred space outdoors

by Peg Streep

Published in 2005 by Inner Ocean Publishing, Inc 191 pages from the jacket "Creating a garden that is a spiritual sanctuary - a calm refuge from the stresses of everyday life, a soothing balm for the heart and soul - is within every gardener's reach. Spiritual Gardening looks at the garden not merely as another 'room' to be decorated but as a place where we can engage all of our senses and connect our spirits to nature. Our gardens, whether small plots in the city or larger spaces in the country, can become places where we can foster our personal growth and spiritual awareness." Arranged in three sections: Gardening for the Soul, the Spiritual Gardens, and Gardening as a Spiritual Exercise. Beautiful photographs by John Glover. In addition: the following books were donated by member Jesse Gwidt

1,001 Old-Time Garden Tips
by Roger Yepsen, editor

Published in 1997 by Rodale, Inc 342 pages from the jacket "Old-time gardeners were ahead of their time. Their ideas for wildflower gardens, organic pest controls, decorating with houseplants, healing with herbs, and more are at the forefront of modern gardening trends, Take a look back to the future of gardening with this incredible collection of gardening advice from successful 17th, 18th, 19th, and early 20th century gardeners. Whether you're growing vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruits, trees, shrubs, wildflowers, houseplants, or lawn grass, you'll find a wealth of wisdom in these pages."

Country Gardening
by Williams and Sawyer

Published in 1993 by Hearst Communications, Inc 207 pages from the jacket "Your country garden, no matter how small or simple, will become your outdoor oasis, the essence of informality and ease. Here are the lush flowers, trees, and shrubs that epitomize the country garden in full bloom and the charming, nostalgic furnishings that lend personality to the space. Find inspiration in the beautifully photographed examples - from tiny dooryards to expansive farmsteads - and enjoy many happy hours bringing yours to fruition."

Easy Flowers
by Durbridge and Swinson

Published in 2003 by Ryland Peters & Small, Inc 127 pages from the jacket "The pleasure of fresh flowers needn't be restricted to special occasions - they are something to be enjoyed every day. Easy Flowers are affordable, stylish, and quick to put together. The emphasis is on striking use of form and color, rather than expensive blooms or time-consuming arrangements. Whether you've just bought a simple bunch of cool blue or hot red flowers, this book will show you the most stylish ways to display them."

Garden Style: Bring the Outdoors In
by Mary Wynn Ryan

Published in 2002 by Publications International, Ltd. 128 pages from the jacket "Fresh-Picked Decorating Ideas Glorious garden-style interior decorating doesn't depend on a green thumb or a great climate. If you crave the serenity and emotional refreshment that comes from time spent in a garden, you can create that mood indoors as well as out. Taking cues from nature and the world's most beloved garden inspirations, this book shows you, room by room, how to bring garden style home. From color schemes to accent furnishings, fabric options to live plant care, here's a crop of ideas you can use to make your home a garden-style getaway all year long." A colorful "coffee-table" book organized by types of rooms.

Great American Gardens: A Photographic Celebration
by Stacy Lynn McNutt

Published in 1996 by Todtri Productions, Ltd. 80 pages from the jacket "Great American Gardens is a stunning visual celebration of every kind of American garden, from a restored rector's garden in New England to the grounds of historic properties such as Monticello in Virginia, and from azalea-filled plantation gardens of Charleston to the colorful oases found in San Antonio, Santa Fe, and Tucson.

Houseplant Basics
by Squire and Crowther

Published in 2001 by Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. 128 pages from the jacket "Plants make house feel like a home, but only if you know the basics that will make them thrive! Meet their needs and they will reward you with strong growth, healthy leaves, and beautiful flowers. Follow the simple instructions for different varieties here, whether it's bright and cheerful flowering plants or appealing cacti and succulents. Get the details on displaying, feeding, and repotting, and you will be rewarded by the results. And get the best from your plants with these troubleshooting tips." Arranged by types of plants and including illustrations on propagating along with a troubleshooting guide.

Indoor Gardens: fresh ideas for growing beautiful plants indoors
by Eleanore Lewis

Published in 2001 by Meredith Corporation 144 pages from the introduction "In most areas of the country, people spend much of their time indoors. Why postpone the joys of gardening each year until spring and summer when you possess the means to dabble in plants year-round? No matter where you live, plants bring the pleasure of nature indoors." Chapters include: the gardens, the basics, and the plants as well as a chart called 'houseplant first aid".

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