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"The best way to make sure you're removing a weed and not a valuable plant? If it comes out of the ground easily it's a valuable plant."



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2014 Garden Walk

Welcome to the Port Washington Garden Club's 2014 Garden Walk information page!

The 2014 Port Eashington Garden Walk will take place Saturday, July 12 from 9am until 3pm.

Five private gardens will be open for touring, featuring perennials, annuals, vegetables, fruit, ornamental ponds and much more!

This year's Garden Walk was a great success -- thanks to all those who attended, and special thanks to the gardeners who opened their gardens for the tour!  Proceeds from the Garden Walk go to fund the club's community programs and horticultural scholarships at the University of Wisconsin and MATC.

The gardens that were on this year's Garden Walk are listed below.  There were some questions about various plants or other details on the gardens and as we obtain information on these items, we'll post it below!

Metz Lupine Border

Garden #1
Bethel Metz & Family

In 2011, the Metz family's interest in beekeeping for pollination of their perennial and vegetable gardens led to the creation of the City of Port Washington's beekeeping ordinance, which allows residents to maintain up to three hives on properties within the city. Since that time, the Metz family has expanded their interest in beekeeping from the original single hive and currently manages several hives outside the city, additionally providing services for removal of honeybee swarms from where they aren't wanted. Come learn more about these useful insects, what is involved with caring for them, and how they provide several useful functions for gardeners and ensure pollination of our ornamental flowers and food supply.

Melville Art Bed

Garden #2
Mary Melville

This classic cottage garden, located on one of Port Washington's main streets, will surprise you with the tremendous number of beautiful plants tucked away behind the house. Comfortable seating and abundant flowers, which are an irresistible attraction for birds and butterflies, make this an oasis in the city, mere yards from a busy thoroughfare. Come and get some ideas for creating your own compact refuge.

Garden #3
Hales Trail Community Garden
On the Ozaukee Interurban Trail,
south of Hales Trail

Started in 2012, the Hales Trail Community Garden has been an overwhelming success story for many gardeners who want space for gardening away from hungry deer and rabbits. With 70 plots, the garden provides ample room to grow vegetables, flowers and fruit inside a protective fence. Despite a hot, dry growing season in 2012, the garden was a resounding success, and this year will see the addition of a tool shed, picnic area and a number of permanent fruit trees, which will be trained into espalier form. Every plot has something different come meet the gardeners and see how fun community gardening can be!

Zahn Gardens

Garden #4
Roann Zahn

Just down the street from the Community Garden, you'd never guess that this lovely garden was there. The entire back yard of the Zahn home is bordered in beautiful plantings and statuary, a lovely vista from the deck behind the house. A recent addition is a water feature that provides refreshment for local wildlife and the soothing sound of flowing water. Containers of annuals and herbs, giving more planting space beyond the yard itself, complete the display.


Garden #5
Diane & Gordon Waddington

Located on a quiet street on the north side of Port Washington, both the front and back yard of the Waddington home are landscaped with beautiful perennial borders, dotted with planters made from found objects and other garden artwork. The walk to the back yard along the driveway has a series of hanging baskets displayed on a white picket fence, and before you know it you're in the back yard, which is decorated with all sorts of containers, spectacular flowers and lots of whimsical touches. The air is filled with birdsong from the various colorful bird houses bordering the garden.

Got questions?  Please email us or call 262-284-1948!

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